Wholesale Media Buying

It goes without saying that television and radio ads are hugely beneficial tools for any company to have at their disposal, but the process of getting them can be somewhat difficult at times. It’s always done on someone else’s terms. There are, of course, limited slots available on both platforms and bidding can be quite intense, raising prices and restraining your options. But what if you could get prime radio and TV airtime for 3-50 cents on the dollar? What would that change for your business? What new options would suddenly become available to you, and where would they lead. It’s certainly an exciting thought, and as such you’ll be pleased to learn that this is not a fantasy but a legitimate possibility open to any business who wishes to seek it out.  Using this method of buying allows you to buy more inventory with the same amount of money, helping increase your overall lead flow.

How are we able to offer these fantastic deals?

  1. Radio and TV stations have to sell a certain amount of advertising slots every day. If they don’t sell those slots they are forced to give them away for free to their clients, missing out on the revenue they would have generated. Though they want to sell paid slots for the highest fees possible, these radio and TV stations recognize that obviously some revenue is better than none at all.
  1. In a process which begins every Tuesday, we’ll work with you to get your advertising into one of those slots for as small an investment as possible. We’ll begin by figuring out the price you’re willing to offer per ad. We’ll then send that offer to multiple stations.
  1. Upon receiving your offer, the stations will compete for your business, beginning to buy up your ads for the price your stipulated, no more. Once your budget has been reached, the auction closes and no further sales are possible.
  1. Your ad airs on every station which agreed to your terms.
  1. Your ads will run during certain times frames during the day, with a  minimum separation that the stations are required to follow.

This approach is beneficial for several reasons. It lets you name your own price, rather than forcing you to agree to one determined by the stations. It also allows you to adhere to a very specific budget, ensuring that you never overspend. Plus, the timing of the auction creates a sense of exigency which compels the stations to accept your offer and be marketed on your own terms. As for your options concerning the placement of your ads, we’re highly adaptable. Want your advertisement to appear on broadcast TV or radio? We can accomplish that. Would you like your ad to be broadcast locally to target potential clients in your area, regionally to bring in interested parties from other nearby areas or even nationally for the widest exposure possible? RMG Media Solutions can help. So if you’re looking for affordable, effective advertising, contact us today. We promise you’ll be glad you did.